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Fish Oil, Song , Celluloid and Greasepaint - The Academy Cinema

The Academy on Pearse Street formerly Great Brunswick Street started life in 1834 as the Dublin Oil and Gas Company, the process of extracting gas from fish oil.
In 1842 the building was adapted to a 800 seat concert hall by the Society of Antient (Ancient) concerts. Films were screened in the 1920s and by the mid 1950s the building was converted to the Embassy cinema renamed the Academy in the 1960s.
in the 1980s the building was used as a theatre for a while before closing by the end of that decade. The old cinema lay desolate for ten years before the building was converted into offices
and the interior and facade restored.

James Joyce performed at the Antient Concert Rooms in a competition the Feis Ceoil in 1904
receiving a bronze medal for his trouble.
Legend has it, disappointed with third place he threw the precious medal into the Liffey.
February 1985 The Academy Cinema
Pearse Street
Dublin Ireland