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Along Sandymount Strand

Along Sandymount Strand

Walking along Sandymount Strand with shoes in hand, a girl strolls through small ponds of water gathered on indentations in the sand.

Two of the main protagonists in James Joyce's Ulysses visit the strand at different times of the day.

Episode 3 Proteus
Stephen Dedalus with eyes closed wonders to himself
"Am I walking into eternity along Sandymount Strand"

Episode 13 Nausicaa
Leopold Bloom encounters Gerty Macdowell.

In the background the Electricity Supply Boards Poolbeg generating station situated on the Poolbeg peninsula Ringsend. The power stations chimneys are among the tallest structures in Ireland, decommissioned in 2010 listed as protected structures in 2014.
April 1982 Sandymount Strand
Dublin Ireland