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McBirney's "Only 40 Paces From O' Connell Bridge"

Behind the metal shutters the sale banners remain stuck to the shop windows announcing a sale that has come and gone. To the left the real estate agents, tan orange and black hording declares entire premsis for sale.
Built in the early part of the 19th century Mcbirney's department store was a major feature for many years with Dublin shoppers, located on 14 - 18 Aston Quay, their famous slogan, "Only 40 Paces From O' Connell Bridge" could be seen pasted on the sides of buses and in the newspaper adverts of the time, Mcbirney's closed in 1984.
A new lease of life was brought to the old building when Richard Branson acquired the property and for almost two decades the virgin megastore on Aston Quay was the flagship store in Ireland. sold again in the 2000's the ground floor is now a supermarket.
April 1985 McBirney's Aston Quay
Dublin Ireland