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History is just around the corner - Boland's Bakery Image 1

Two women make their way down Macken Street, they have just passed Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital
to the right and Boland's Bakery on Lower Grand Canal Street they are now at the bakeries curved corner which runs along part of the adjoining street. In 1951 the architect Sam Stephenson was commissioned to build on the site of the old Boland Bakery and Flour Mills which was occupied by Eamon De Valera and the 3rd Battalion of Volunteers in the 1916 Easter Rising.
Stephenson designed a five storey building and the curved corner which had the bakeries name in very large letters. In 1966 a plaque was added to the corner commemorating the 50th anniversary of the historical events in 1916.

Boland's Bakery was redeveloped as an office complex The Treasury Building in 1988.
July 1986 Boland's Bakery Maken Street
Dublin Ireland